Let a person can't line make chili pepper sauce

by:Hetian     2020-09-28
Let a person love don't release, a fascinating one. 'These are people who eat once evaluation is given. Line pepper, has the very high nutritional value. It contains rich protein, also contain abundant d C, the melon and fruit vegetables food list. Line of chili pepper sauce line pepper wash after chopped in the dry, dish up, at this time, don't put oil, put Chinese prickly ash and line pepper Fried together. When the fry a bit soft put oil and onion Fried with ginger, garlic, Taste heavy people can put on black bean soy sauce and chili sauce. Stir until the sauce, then remove and cool, super orders. If you can't eat very hot chili pepper sauce, can choose line pepper spice plants. Spice factory line spicy moderate, oily big, thick flesh, uniform size, spicy with protein, fat, minerals, etc. , both can give you to the enjoyment of meet and can complement the function of the body. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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