Jinxiang garlic supply

by:Hetian     2020-10-10
Garlic varieties rich resources in our country, its culture types according to skin color bulbs can be divided into two types, the purple skin garlic and Bai Pisuan. According to young garlic shoot any, can be divided into the no moss garlic and garlic moss garlic two types. No moss garlic early-maturing, but no moss, low output, the cultivated area is lesser, With moss garlic wide adaptability, large cultivated area all over the country. According to the classification can be divided into big disc and of the same size small disc. Big disc of cloves hypertrophy, disc number less, each have 4 ~ 8 cloves garlic, young garlic shoot thick and long, as garlic and young garlic shoot the cultivation. Number of small disc of cloves of garlic is long and narrow, disc, there each garlic cloves 20 or so, appropriate is used for garlic sprout cultivation. With the development of the society, the demand of garlic also on the rise, and jinxiang garlic supply choose Qingdao garlic spices plant co. , LTD.
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