Jinxiang garlic processing

by:Hetian     2020-10-11
At room temperature storage period usually only 5 - of garlic 6 months, over this period garlic sprout, shrivel, quality becomes poor. Through the processing, one can prolong storage period, do a perennial balanced supply; Two variable primary raw materials to finishing products export, as well as reduce export transport costs, but also improve the added value of products, change resource advantage for the product and economic advantages. Jinxiang garlic processing into dehydrated garlic slice, not only keep the special flavor, garlic and stored, edible convenience. Jinxiang garlic slice processing process: choose to split peel, slice to rinse, dehydration, Drying) To balance moisture and sorting, packaging and finished products. We should choose to choose when processing without decay, plant diseases and insect pests, no serious injury, and white skin flap of the big scar, no dry garlic.
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