Its original flavor dried bamboo shoot wholesale green good ingredients of natural ingredients

by:Hetian     2020-09-02
Return to the original ecological natural good taste in recent days, the company general manager to leiyang dry goods production base, the base and is home to quantico overall, rural market original lively scene to quantico always with emotion, also felt the country purchasing people toil and reality. Does not add any additives of food safety is the most important, the main to for dried bamboo shoot production base, because the time is just the bamboo shoots of the harvest season, the base of the farmers uncle was busy in digging bamboo shoots, pick up, making dried bamboo shoot, in order to maintain the fine quality, from the acquisition of fresh bamboo shoots will be graded when selected, put bamboo shoots to deal with the old root, and then repeated drying, drying to the need of dryness, then carries on the standard packaging. Busy and rigorous process, for not adding chemical additives, ensure the original good food! Shandong spices plant dry goods, are the base in the country, since the middle of processing and sales, save the original good taste. If you need wholesale dried bamboo shoot, or other dried vegetable wholesale, welcome to consult shandong perfume factory, thank you!
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