Is there free paprika powder sample provided?
It depends on how many samples of paprika powder you require and whether we have some in stock. If we have some in stock, we can offer one or two samples for free. And if we are out of stock or your required sample needs to be customized, we are afraid that we can not offer the sample free of charge. But the sample fee can be refunded once you place the order. Welcome to contact us!

Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. specializes in design and production of wholesale spices suppliers. Hetian's main products include garlic powder series. Processed by advanced lens processing equipment, the optical lens of Hetian cooking spices is up to the quality standard in light industry such as illumination transmission capacity. The product can last for up to two years if stored properly. Hetian has perfect quality assurance system and perfect warranty services. Its color and aroma will not fade easily.

We are an environmentally responsible company. From the coming of the raw materials, the manufacturing process, to the final product inspection stages, we consume as little as resources and energy as possible. Get more info!
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