Into large-scale industry news hot pepper industry in Qingdao, the varieties, specialization of transformation

by:Hetian     2020-09-07
Qingdao pepper export industry challenges, Qingdao seashore city, as the nation's largest pepper out of the heart, every year exports accounted for 80% of the pepper industry exports across the country, but with the change of the market, raw material price instability, primary products processing low profit and labor for a growing percentage of, export industry appeared the unprecedented challenges. Qingdao inspection and quarantine bureau actively and export pepper production discuss the way of benign development of the enterprise, formulate effective measures and achieved significant results. The three measures, promote the transformation of the is pushing the product transformation. Take the initiative to help enterprises, and guide enterprises to enhance investment in scientific research, actively promote transformation and upgrading of products, and by the original primary agricultural products processing and gradually developed into chili powder, pepper powder, chili sauce, such as deep processing of products, make the enterprise step by step onto the road of specialization of directional production. Second, the regulatory model innovation. Determine the chili products' raw materials monitoring self-checking + enterprise + sensitive items, daily inspection 'inspection and quarantine supervision mode, avoid the risk of export; Realize the product on the day of inspection, the inspection, on the day of release, also releasing centralized directly, on the day of testing, save time cost. Three is to develop ideas. To strengthen with the local government, industry association, production enterprise's communication and cooperation, actively promote 'to a processing enterprise, is based on raw material base, the standard as the core, brand as the leading, market as the guidance' the five integrated development model, establish and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products traceability and standardization system and so on related work, strengthening the construction of export agricultural products quality and safety demonstration zone, speed up the transformation scattered pepper production and operation mode of the traditional industry, promote the jurisdiction to the pepper industry scale, the varieties and specialization. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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