Influenced by rainfall, dry red pepper prices tend to be safe

by:Hetian     2020-10-04
Zunyi, zhecheng jingxin diamond, jinxiang region zunyi region dried chilli market shrimp market today converged on business, today take goods from relatively active, pimentos prices at hard work. Colourful pepper products offer 10. 20 yuan/jins, bell pepper products offer 14. 50 yuan/kg. Zhecheng jingxin diamond production areas affected by the rain, no business in the market, the house of the rolls pepper price is higher, merchants takeover activity is insufficient, the volume is small, pimentos adhere to relatively stable prices. Pepper products three cherry pepper quotation in 10 Chambers. 60 - 10. 80 yuan/jin, bullet rolls good offer 10. 50 - 11. 00 yuan/kg. Jinxiang region business not lively, remain a little walk each day. Rised high-quality goods supply the owner, general quality pimentos merchants to buy few, pimentos price stick to smoothly. Now three cherry pepper products offer 10. About 50 yuan/jin, gradeless and uniformly priced goods quotation on 10. 10 yuan/jins. Kailu, linying, dried chilli Wu Cheng region market Inner Mongolia kailu area pimentos adhere to relatively stable prices. Affected by the recent pimentos prices rebound, the owner of the goods looks mentality, the volume is not large, from low safe. One thousand jins of red Chambers now offer in June. 15 - 6. 30 yuan/kg. Frozen fresh chili prices relatively stable, frozen MAC 2400 - quotation 2500 yuan/ton. Linying region today pimentos prices tend to be stable, affected by rainfall, production business. The recent price increases, there are obvious local pimentos, products to active, but the volume is not much. Now three cherry pepper good offer 10. 60 - 10. 70 yuan/jin, bullet good offer 10. 80 - 11. 00 yuan/kg. Wu Cheng region merchants to cargo active, walk faster, pimentos prices tend to be safe. The hot weather, buy small tonnage, ship owner's volunteer is better, but for fine source rised, improve market stability. Three cherry pepper good offer 10. 20 - 10. 50 yuan/kg. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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