Indian food is famous for spice and aroma. Many

by:Hetian     2020-06-29
There regional difference in Indian cooking methods. Northern part offers mixed Indian dishes. Tandoori style cooking, koftas, kormas, vegetables' food, basmati rice, chapattis like roti, naan, kima and other tasty breads. The blend of spicy garam masalas make the food palatable and enhance the health benefits. In the southern part, spicy dishes go spicier but here, foods are more vegetable based unlike north, but meat is also included only for some special occasions. Rice is the staple food of the region. Eastern region is situated in the lapse of far reaching Himalayas and basically known for tea growing Darjeeling. This hot and humid region near the Bay of Bengal grows 50 different verities of rice aside from tea of Darjeeling. Banana and coconut are the important inputs of cooking, even coconut milk is considered as alternative to goat or cow's milk. Western region deals in producing wide variety of dairy products. The use of milk cheese, yogurt and buttermilk is common in this area. The common things that connect Indian dishes are spice and pickles. They are common but prepared in different ways. If you are one of those enthusiasts who want to learn how to prepare Indian dishes, simple tips are mentioned below. 1. Don't use flour as thickening agent. Rather use onion, coconut or cashew nut paste for thickening the cuisine. To prepare sauce flour are never used. 2. Don't grind spices before roasting them, first dry roast the spice and then grind. To refrain from bad flavor you have to make sure that while dry roasting spice shouldn't be burnt or semi cooked. Spice roasted in proper way add unforgettable and delicious aroma to the food. 3. For lump less paste of ginger, garlic and onion and a small amount of water to the ingredients and grind well. 4. For reducing the calorie content of curry add Indian yogurt instead of cream and groundnut oil in place of ghee. 5. For smooth textured, favorable and healthy dal blend lentils cooked in pressure cooker to make blended curry. Patience is the key of cooking delicious Indian Foods. Make sure onions turn deep brown in color, pastes are smoothly textured and use fresh ground spices. For more tips you can take the help of books, magazines and internet. Online book store in India offers the various types of cookery books to refine your Indian food cooking style.
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