If you are new to India and wondering what kinds

by:Hetian     2020-06-17
Medicinal Benefits of these Spices Although many people feel the use of these spices are not justifiable if only they are for the purposes of flavor and appeal; there is another very important reason why these spices in India are needed in the meals just as they are used. Apart from flavor and a great smell, they add medicinal worth and also help to cure a variety of defects in the body especially since these are herbs. There are so many Indians that live healthy and strong lives even in their old age because; they believe in natural spices from India and use them accordingly. Making Use of Spices In making use of spices and herbs, one can either roast, whole or crush it. These are also added to meals mostly at the beginning of the cooking process. There are some spices that are however added to meals while food is about to get cooked. There are so many of this spices that you will love to know of. However; every food company in India that believes in true quality makes sure the right amount and types of spices are used in the various Indian and international dishes that they can be applied to. Asafetida Spice This spice is one of the most popular in the country however; it is got from a resin of a tree. This is one of the few Indian spices that do not have a good odor no wonder it is nicknamed 'Devil's dung'. The smell it comes with a very strong smell which means, you need to be careful when you decide to put it amongst the many other spices you have in your kitchen cupboard. Using this spice in your meals help to prevent indigestion as well as flatulence and you can get them in fine powder forms or in small bits that can be crushed before used for meals. If you are making some sauce or stew, this spice needs to be added in the beginning just after oil is heated. Other spices that can be added to make food taste great include cumin, mustard seeds, turmeric or haldi, carom seeds, chili powder, mango powder, fennel seeds, and others.
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