How To Steam Vegetables In Your MEC Clay Pots?

by:Hetian     2020-05-17
Clay pot is a single pot that we can use it as stew pot, rice maker, fish poacher, vegetable steamer and brick oven and roasted. Cooking is much healthier in claypot utensils then other utensils. We can get 100 percent nutrition after cooking in clay pot. It's very easy to steam in your clay pots. All you need is your pot and its lid, no additional gadgets needed. Steaming vegetables in you MEC clay pots takes less time and the vegetables get cooked more thoroughly without losing their shape and taste or getting mushy. More importantly no metals and cooking in a non-reactive pot means no other additives. Steam locking lids hold all the steam inside making the food more nutritious! Choose any vegetable of your choice that you want to steam, and chop them all to a similar size. Add very little water. Add the vegetables and let it cook. Don't have to wait for the water to boil before adding the vegetables, add them all at the same time. Let it all come together to a boil, stir the pot occasionally. Let the vegetables cook in the steam building up inside the pot, keep the lid closed and don't open the lid often. Reduce heat if there is a lot of steam built up in the pot, and let the vegetables cook in the steam. In about 25-35 minutes check if the vegetables are cooked to the required consistency by smashing a few different vegetables with a wooden spoon against the wall of the pot or with a fork cutting into the vegetable. When the vegetables are almost cooked, season with your choice of seasoning (we've used turmeric, paprika powder and salt in the picture). Turn the stove off and let it sit with the lid covered for 10 minutes before serving. ENJOY YOUR CLAY POT STEAMED VEGETABLES! For more recipes and How-To tutorials with your clay pots, visit our Blog section. New to clay cooking? Have Questions? Check out Clay cooking 101 and our FAQ section. What are the Health and Environmental benefits of clay cooking? Click the links to find out.
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