How to distinguish the good and bad perfume factory of soon, to teach you three

by:Hetian     2020-09-14
Soon, how to distinguish good or bad, food safety has been touched the heart of the topic, in dry hot pepper industry also is so! Small make up to today is dried chilli series products, the most commonly used family blindly condiments: chili powder. Chili powder, also known as soon, cayenne pepper, is indispensable to blindly in condiments, however, in recent years, some on the market soon, to be mixed with sawdust, whether this is true? Soon, people how to distinguish the stand or fall of it? According to the survey, currently on the market soon, with almost no sawdust, but there are some illegal businessmen with wheat gluten in soon. So, for soon, advantages and disadvantages, how to distinguish? Teach you a few spices factory. Spice factory teach you recruit the first three: natural soon, are generally more natural color, it is because of its plant, so its color will change over time, change from the original dark to light color, if in the sun too long, they will slowly fade. And add the chemical composition of soon, the color will be always very bright, even put for a long time, color also basically remain unchanged. Second: real green soon, its color is bright red, everything is oily, dry after not mildew to change, also do not contain any impurities, they do not agglomerate, also won't appear dye hand phenomenon, nose to smell, a pungent and spicy. If soon be adulterated, such as mixed with wheat, corn husk, corn flour, their color looks a little yellow or reddish, taste is not too spicy, if one is not enough to hand, would be a piece of red color, put these soon, in the water, some additives will float on the surface of the water. Third: spices plants to tell consumers that a resolution or soon, tips, is to take a small bowl, put a little soon, go in, add a little cooking oil, put a put, after mixing in a few hours after the observation, if the color is red, that might be added unknown chemicals, if the color basically remain unchanged, then this is healthy soon. Perfume factory, focus on dry pepper and chilli products wholesale 20 years, the company all the dry chili series products, all is the original ecological planting ways, soon, peppers are processed surface by artificial choose the best pepper, ground into a surface through advanced equipment, seal save these soon after the microwave sterilization. In addition, shandong spices plant is also a veteran with 15 years of experience in production and sales companies, since its inception has always been in good faith to him, now has a long cooperation with many enterprises. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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