How to choose dry chili, : what is the most sweet the most spicy red chilies?

by:Hetian     2020-10-06
Common dry hot pepper varieties no matter where, we meet at ordinary times, have the following several kinds of chili peppers: seven stars pepper szechuan, the new generation, the bullet, guizhou bullet, red thorns, two pillars ( Two bars) Line, bell pepper, sichuan pepper, Wrinkled skin thorns) , xinjiang line pepper ( The sizzling pepper) ; And chili king in fujian province and shaanxi qin pepper, later also imported a Thai chili. How to just calculate the dry chili 1 with good quality, hot: all kinds of dried chili, first of all should be hot. In the above several kinds of chili peppers, through I use experience: seven stars pepper szechuan, I used the hottest chili; There are certainly more spicy, here is not much to do, because under normal cooking, don't get some abnormal condition, it was wacky, it is not food. If you want to measure a few taller, can choose seven stars pepper szechuan. Followed by the bullet, a new generation, etc. , are common in chili. Of this, the lowest degree should even 2 2 thorns thorns, bell pepper and wrinkled skin, with wrinkled skin 2 thorns lowest degree. Of course is not hot, but the lowest degree. 2, fragrance: as the food quality requirements higher and higher, chili as important spices, leave the incense, and the aroma of pepper is often can not be replaced. Especially some sichuan hot pot and spicy flavors of food. Should be two of the most delicious thorns and red pillars, and scoville just right; The wrinkled skin 2 thorns degree is low. Two common. Thorns: for in sichuan, chongqing, guizhou, yunnan, shandong and other places a high demand for pepper, so high quality pepper are sent to the place, and the retail price on the high side, so in peacetime is not easy to buy. If everyone, especially the north would like to buy aroma foot a little pepper, recommend at the time of purchase, some pepper skin must be thick, the chili flavor more. To teach you a little trick, is to buy back home, put the dried chilli segment in the water to boil, if enough fragrance, no drilling, blunt nose nose of spicy; Cooked chilli is thick, is the good chili. 3, red: chili is another important role in the color. For example: chili red oil, baking gluten feed oil, chili red effects are evident. When one of the best should be shaanxi qin pepper; Spice merchants sell household paprika red degree is also very good. Of course, in the red oil, the effect of radix arnebiae seu lithospermi is also key, do not describe here. But in choosing chili, don't in red, for the most critical, beyond the normal range of red, chili red is not the only, want to consider whether the factor of grace with unhealthy ingredients. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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