How much is a kilo dried chilli wholesale price?

by:Hetian     2020-09-03
Dry pepper spice factory production sales, wholesale business for level, there is the cutting edge of information and price system, and the price with dynamic; Such as purchasing contract, the contract period, calculate price according to the contract price; Can be booked dried chilli, so as not to affect your cost accounting; Spice plants dried chillies, long-term supply, price stability, quality assurance. Spice plants most sincerely welcome consulting spices dried chilli manufacturer factory, the price of dried chilli in 10 - generally 24 yuan/kg, each season of the varieties of dried chillies, the price will be according to the market floating, so in order to more accurate quotation for you, friends before buying, please make a phone call for specific price to place the order. Perfume factory, shandong a few kinds of dried chilli enterprise, production, sales, from the source to ensure product quality, food safety, starts from me! Spice plant, dried chilli wholesale suppliers, if you are interested in our products, welcome to click on the left side of the customer service consultation or dial, welcome your inquiry!
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