How many times do you eat every day? If you're

by:Hetian     2020-05-30
Let's start out with talking about breakfast, as that is what is considered by many people to be the staple meal of the day. Many people would never consider using vanilla extract or some other form of vanilla beans in their breakfast meal, but it can actually help to improve the taste considerably. You need to consider the fact that when you use ingredients such as vanilla beans or some other type of spice, you are not trying to overpower the taste of the meal, but rather, you're trying to accentuate it in one way or another. It may also be that you need to step back and look a little bit further than the standard bacon and eggs or fried potatoes for breakfast. Having a little bit of fish or perhaps some chicken with your breakfast, accentuated with vanilla beans of course, can really help you get your day started right. As far as lunch is concerned, many of us tend to eat lunch on the go. With a little bit of planning in advance, however, you can have a week's worth of lunches prepared so that you can savor what you are eating instead of ordering it from the window of your car and then eating it while you are driving. Many people make a chicken dish, similar to a casserole, which they eat throughout the week. This may be something that you would want to do on the weekend and then refrigerate it, perhaps even separating it into containers so that you have it throughout the week. Adding some vanilla beans to the mix, either in the form of vanilla powder or even cutting up some whole vanilla beans, is really going to make this meal special. In fact, if you share some of it, people are going to wonder what that special taste is that is really making the flavor of the meal pop. Dinner is where you can really use the vanilla beans, as there tends to be a lot more variety that is available at this particular meal. Most people tend to have fish and a vegetable, but with a little bit of forethought, you can also have a dessert prepared as well. You can add vanilla beans to almost any meal that you are having for dinner, and if you want to make a fantastic dessert, don't ignore the authentic vanilla extract that can be added to the pastry or other item that you are preparing. Now that you know some of the different uses of vanilla beans, what specific things should you understand so that you can make the most use of them? The first thing that I would like for you to know is that you should steer clear of the pure vanilla extract that you find at most grocery stores. After all, most of it is not pure at all, and at the very best is going to contain some artificial ingredients, although much of it is completely synthetic. If you really want to give your taste buds something that they are going to savor, you want to opt for Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans, because they are the best that is available. You can easily store those items by putting them in an airtight container and keeping them on the counter or in your cupboard. They will last for quite some time, and if they don't dry out, you can simply put them in some water in order to get them back to usable form again. Once you start using them in your food, you would be surprised with how delicious they can be.
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