How many people in Hetian export department?
With the promising sustainable development of Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd., the scale of our export department has grown a lot. More and more professionals have joined this family and do their best to make contributions to the maximum interests of the customers. They have accumulated rich experience in communicating with foreign buyers and can establish and keep good business relations with them. What's more, they can answer inquiries promptly and always follow up with customers. Moreover, they are industrious because they spend much time on studying market trends and customers preference so as to offer more satisfying cooperation experience to customers.

In the area of paprika powder we center on producing good paprika powder. Hetian's main products include chilli spices series. The product is approved by experts and has good performance, durability and practicality. Processed by dust-free machines, the product is highly sanitary. Hetian has formulated the strict quality control system and the operation flow. Its color and aroma will not fade easily.

Our ethics program creates awareness among employees about our ethical principles and policies, which work as a guiding force, enabling team members to make better decisions, based on honesty and integrity. Check now!
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