How many Hetian dried garlic flakes are sold per year?
The sales volume of Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. garlic flakes continues to increase steadily every year. Our high-reliability and long-lived products have brought a lot of positive outcomes to our customers since launched. These long-term cooperative partners, in turn, give us high praises and warmly recommend us to more people. All these contribute to us a lot in acquiring a larger customer base and increasing sales volume. Furthermore, we have set up an expanded sales channels across the world. Our products have been sold to customers from different industries and different regions and countries.

Hetian has its own advantage to make wholesale spices suppliers with top quality. Hetian's main products include ginger powder series. Hetian [cooking spices is developed by the research and development team. The team members are always making an effort to create more affordable and economical LED lights while at the same time maintaining high quality. It is not prone to moisture and heat. our company has established and improved a quality assurance system that places the product's performance indicators at the forefront of the industry. It helps prevent the nutritional degradation of food.

We adhere to the guideline of promoting development through innovation and professionalism. We will improve the overall quality of our employees by holding different kinds of training and investing more in the R&D department. Inquire!
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