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by:Hetian     2020-05-14
Andhra cuisine comes under south Indian food and widely availble in restaurants of Bangalore, Hyderabad and other southern cities. In Delhi restaurants andhra cusine widely not available. But due to increse in demand of Andhra people now a days you can find in some well known restaurants of Delhi. As compared to that Hyderbadi Biriyani more famous and widely available across country. You can find a variety of Andhra cusine in Hyderabadi Restaurants in Delhi. Home ground Andhra Pradesh abounds in the cultivation of red chillies, so perhaps they are liberally used in the cuisine of the land on account of easy availability. Without pickles andhra cuisine is incomplete. You can find two broad varieties of pickles in andhra food. One is Pachadi (chutney) and other is Ooragaya. So pichidi is prepared from vegitables and roated green chilies and Ooragaya is prepared from chillip powder, methi powder, mustard powder and oil. These prepared pickles used throughout the year and didn't spoil easily. So it is readily available all year and last for years also. Rice is one of the major corp is grown aboundantly and it is the major part of Andhra cuisine across the state. Accompaniments & add-ons In an Andhra household, no meal is complete without an array of pickles, chutneys, powdered spices (podis) and relishes. The spicy lime and gongura pickles rub shoulders with the sheer dynamite 'avakka' or mango pickle. Gongura chutney is perhaps the most famous and authentic part of Andhra cuisine. Leave it to an Andhra household to create an array of imaginative chutneys from garlic, ginger, brinjals, tomato, tamarind and even curry or neem leaves. Staples & traditional food Sambar and Rice form the staple in Andhra cuisine. Rice is cooked plain or flavoured with lemon, tamarind, tomatoes or freshly ground pepper corns. Typically it is served in bana leafs. Locally grown, cooked vegetables, pickles, papads, curd and other accompaniments complete the picture. You can find a typical meal in Andhra cuisine consists of a combination of cooked rice, curry, dal, yogurt (perugu), pickles (Pachadi) or buttermilk (majjiga) and papadum (appadam). Chewing paan, a mixture of betel leaves and areca nut is also a common practice after meals. Non vegetarian food is widely eaten along the coastal area. Delicate spices impart unique flavours to the mutton (pottelu mamsam), lamb and chicken (kodi kura). Seafood delicacies cooked the traditional way include crab, fish (cheppala pulsu), mussels and prawns. Pesarattu is the Andhra born cousin of the humble South Indian dosa. To know more on Andhra cusine in Delhi Restaurants or Hyderabadi Restaurants in Delhi having special biryani you can visit
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