How about sales of spices powder of Hetian?
You can of course contact our sales staff for the spices powder sales or you can have a look at the manufacturing in person. This is strong evidence of earnings. Due to its excellent performance and wide range of uses, the product is currently very famous in the world. We are proud to be your trusted partner. This lays a good foundation for business.

Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of cooking spices to create value for customers. Hetian's main products include cooking spices series. Hetian chili powder recipe is checked in every production stages, such as stress testing including heat or power breakdown. The product is tested under the high-temperature condition and is verified that it performs normally as well. Full of healthy compounds, the product is beneficial to health. The product has the characteristics of long service, excellent performance and stable performance. The product has potent antioxidant activity.

In order to be socially responsible, we have made a plan for energy conservation and emission reduction and we will continue to carry out the plan all the time. So far, we have achieved progress in emission reduction during our production. Welcome to visit our factory!
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