How about Hetian R&D team?
At Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd., we have a research and development team for the product development specifically. They are all well-educated and well-experienced after so many years of practice. As the backbone of our business expansion, they focus on the product development and technological optimization. We also hold seminars and activities to gather them for further study and idea exchanging. They are also participants in many forums and meetings on behalf of our company and even in their own name. We are very confident about their capabilities to develop new products and to improve the current products to meet the market demand.

As culture developed, Hetian was developing its innovative capability to make garlic powder. Hetian's main products include garlic powder series. Hetian [chili powder recipe is designed under innovation philosophy. Our creative R&D team always tries to develop worthy and novel LED lights with different specifications to meet customers' need and to win more market share. The product can be generally stored at a normal temperature. The product has stable performance, long storage life and reliable quality. This product stands out for its rich flavors.

The philosophy of our company is that we not only concern the growth but also seek to maintain stability. This is an important assurance for both our employees and customers. Inquiry!
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