Homemade pepper pepper taste heavier than supermarket sells

by:Hetian     2020-08-28
Pepper is a good seasoning, slightly irritating smell, often smell couldn't help sneezing. But with a little pepper noodles, or and cumin powder with barbecue, can let a person not forget for a moment, also want to eat. That is why go to the supermarket to buy the pepper taste is better than homemade pepper, pepper manufacturer in simple terms. A self reason pepper, pepper seeds if stored properly, then the shelf life can reach more than a dozen years, pepper to save five years it doesn't matter. But even before expiration, but the taste is influential, the aroma of pepper seeds from a kind of volatile substances, will appear smell, very blunt. At the time of pepper seeds did not open, stable structure, the skin will be wrapped inside. But after grinding pepper, did not have the protective layer, the air contact surface also become bigger, volatile speed will be faster, of course. The longer time, will the more volatile sheen of pepper taste. Second, steam sterilization pepper pepper manufacturers are needed after steam sterilization step, especially normal manufacturer, so can not only extend the shelf life of pepper, also can guarantee food safety. Just steam sterilization, will greatly reduce the pepper flavor. Three, for a long time stagnation pepper after steam sterilization, has been able to save more time. But the long processing time, transportation and sales process, such a long time the flavor of nature can't keep it, how can and freshly brewed with pepper than now? Four, the pepper material merchants could for some reasons, add some pepper seed material, mixing together after the pound, will dilute the flavor of pepper. , of course, not all manufacturers are so, at least a little pepper, after the previous steps have sheen flavour on the ground, plus other material also can only be worse. Make your own pepper approach is simple, buy fresh pepper seeds. With pepper mill grinding into powder. Black pepper soup ( Such as hot pot) Usually adopt the whole grain of boiling, commonly used as a powder into the barbecue, etc. ; Ground into powder, white pepper generally need to do. Pepper also can cure stomach disease, its steps are: pork stomach several times with coarse salt, starch, knead, wash after boiling a boil down to half an hour. After they wash out and pepper seeds into pork bellies, thread after sewed up. After boiling water, use cold water boiled pork stomach two hours.
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