Hemorrhoids is extremely painful and is probably

by:Hetian     2020-05-20
What we eat is the most important factor in both constipation and hemorrhoids as they are directly related to the digestive system. Your diet should include fresh fruits and plenty of leafy green vegetables. Also take internally a teaspoon of clarified butter with honey in equal quantity to counter the dryness in the anal area. You should also start taking two tablespoon of psyllium husk with warm milk every morning and evening. This would boost your fiber intake, thereby, facilitating bowel movement. Stay away from cold, frozen foods and drinks; junk food; fast food and food items with artificial colors and preservatives. Eat only freshly cooked meals and never re-heat your food. Also, make sure that your food is low on heating spices like chilli, black pepper, cloves etc. On the other hand, try using more of fennel, coriander seeds, and other such cooling spices. Besides, regular exercise is also very important. Although you can choose any form of exercise, yoga in this case would be extremely beneficial. Asanas, like naukasana and cobra are extremely beneficial in digestive disorders You should also start taking an Ayurvedic preparation called Chandanasava everyday. Take two teaspoons with an equal quantity of water after every meal. This will have a cooling effect on your digestive system helping ease the swelling in the anal region. It will also be very beneficial to eat one banana every day. Besides, avoid sitting in the chair for very long hours. Every few hours get up and take a walk. You should also stay away from refrigerated water and drinks. Only drink warm water or water at room temperature (if it is very hot). Cold water subdues the digestive fire, thereby, hindering with the digestive functions. Another thing you can do externally to expedite the healing process and to ease the pain is massaging the region with coconut oil. Make sure you add a pinch of turmeric to it. Do it every day before retiring to bed and if possible in the morning too.
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