Haikou pepper planting insurance pilot

by:Hetian     2020-08-23
For exploring risk disperse mechanism, transfer production risk, protect the interests of farmers and promote the continuous and healthy development of the pepper industry in haikou from September QiongShan slopes town planting insurance pilot implementation of pepper. In the town of eligible slopes ( Dongchang farm) Pepper growing companies or cooperatives, planting worth to attend, 80% premium subsidies. It is understood that policy-holder pepper tree needs to meet the following four kinds of conditions at the same time in order to insure: authorized qualified by government departments, planting is generally used to comply with local standards and technical management requirements; Planting place over local flood water level of flood storage and embankments; Tree growth and management normal, 4 years ( ) The above; The whole shall grow, acreage in more than 4 mu ( ) 。 At the same time, the applicant should cover all eligible pepper tree, can not choose. The pepper plant insurance mainly risks ( Pepper tree) And additional risks ( Pillar) 。 For the main risks ( Pepper tree) , during the period of insurance, because produce wind magnitude 8 and above of tropical cyclones, tornadoes, or due to the severe weather caused by the flood, debris flow or landslides resulting in loss of insurance pepper tree directly, and the loss rate of 10% ( ) Above, the underwriter agrees by the contract for compensation. For additional risks ( Pillar) , during the period of insurance, due to the wind of tropical cyclones, tornadoes caused a magnitude 8 or more support inside insurance pepper tree pillar broken ( Pillar hereinafter generally referred to as 'insurance') Compensation for the loss, the underwriter according to contract agreement. In terms of insurance amount, insurance pepper tree ( The main risks) Each of the pepper tree growth period of insurance of insurance amount by reference to what happened in proportion, the materialization cost directly each insurance amount, respectively, set up 90 yuan, 110 yuan, 130 yuan three gears; Pillars of insurance ( Additional risks) Each insurance amount is seventy percent of the reference to local pillar construction cost all the year round, respectively set up 20 yuan, 35 yuan two notches. In addition, the pepper plant insurance premiums from pay 20% to participants and provincial financial subsidies by 40%, haikou municipal subsidies 40% premium allocation proportion.
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