Garlic is stored

by:Hetian     2020-10-10
After garlic dry, stored in a cool and dry room ( Suggestions to ventilation) High quality, can be stored to December; A small amount of garlic can be placed in the upper of freezer ( 0 - 5 ℃ or so) 1 years not metamorphism, storage; A large number of stored garlic, garlic can be packed in a sack and separated in the freezer pattern, and to keep temperature 0 2 ℃ or so, can hold 2 years is not bad. Garlic is common disease in dry rot during storage, namely cloves of garlic a little subsidence, leaf sheath gradually dry, pale yellow, serious when, cloves of garlic in amber color, slightly transparent, like a glace. The disease department can produce orange red mildew layer. Is generally believed that the garlic field due to soil temperatures at later growth stage, and postharvest storage stage overmature caused by premature aging. Prevention measures is focused on the field cultivation on crop rotation, control and avoid damage when harvested, to control the low temperature and low humidity during storage.
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