Garlic growers

by:Hetian     2020-10-11
Growers to plant garlic garlic can generally be in in the spring, summer, autumn three seasons, but still recommend 2 ~ 4 month in the spring sowing, garden soil do garlic cultivation substrates are available, and need to buy garlic sprout and epidermis, it stems removed, and then on the weaker the sun to dry, then grow into the soil, avoid direct sunlight, waiting for the garlic sprout sprout. Every time after the garlic sprout grow into wet soil, no fertilizing watering it, waiting for the garlic sprout sprout, give the right amount of water, lie between a month an organic fertilizer rates, with shade net to prevent bask in, potted plants can be moved to a cool ventilated place, the careful maintenance is ok, make it a better growth in the soil.
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