From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine pepper

by:Hetian     2020-08-24
Pepper manufacturers when it comes to traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pepper taste hot, into the stomach, the large intestine. Have a temperature, the gas and in the sputum elimination, the role of detoxification. Today, we would like to analyze from the perspective of TCM pepper. Pepper is roughly divided into two classes: immature fruit after drying the skin to blacken, known as black pepper; Ripe fruit skin is white, called white pepper. High medicinal value some white pepper, to taste a little time. The taste of it is relatively more spicy black pepper, so cold, stomach function stronger: 1, lung cold phlegm can add white pepper to mutton soup, with wen lung phlegm. 2, usually eat cold food, also had better add some white pepper, cool to warm. 3, there is a small method to cure food after full bilge, loss of appetite, indigestion and pepper fill 1 gram of navel, gauze to cover, fixed tape, once a day. 4, treat caries toothache might as well take a little white pepper to add a small amount of salt into caries hole, can alleviate a toothache. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, with black pepper cook when should pay attention to two points: 1, with meat cooking time shoulds not be too long, because black pepper contains volatile oil, heating time too long will make it unique spiciness evaporate; 2, high heat can make the smell of pepper more full-bodied, therefore better do the sizzling dishes. Pepper besides can make a person feel sense of tongue hemp, can also raise blood pressure. At ordinary times is Yang excessiveness internal heat, Yin deficiency fire constitution and pregnant women, and hemoptysis, epistaxis ( Nosebleeds) , stool, hemorrhoids, constipation, high blood pressure, ulcer, swollen gums, sore throats, bad breath, such as conditions, should be a fast or eat less pepper. Helpful hints: pepper manufacturer high due to the hot pepper, eat easy to germinal Yang in, a best don't eat more, with 0. About 3 g ~ 1 g is suitable. In addition, inflammation and people were temporarily banned eat pepper, otherwise it is easier to move sharing it.
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