Five-spice powder formula ratio of spices and practices

by:Hetian     2020-08-28
Spices: price five-spice powder is ground into a powder will be more than 5 kinds of spices mixed together, often used in decoct, fry before daub on the chicken and duck meat, especially suitable for use in a baked or Fried, stew, braised meat, fast heat, steaming, boiling dishes as seasoning. Today, we know the formula ratio and practice it together! Wait formula one: aniseed 20 g, 5 g dried ginger, fennel 8 g, Chinese prickly ash 18 g, 6 g dried tangerine or orange peel; Formula 2: cinnamon 120 grams, 440 grams of kaempferia galanga, clove, 220 grams, cardamom, each 110 grams of the sand; Formula 3: star anise, cinnamon, cortex periplocae each 100 grams, 50 g cloves, cumin, licorice root each 300 g; Formula 4: star anise, each 500 grams of white pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, 1500 g dried tangerine or orange peel, amomum 750 grams, 1000 grams of amomum; 520 g formula 5: star anise, cinnamon, 70 grams, 100 grams of kaempferia galanga, licorice 70 grams, amomum villosum 40 grams, 30 grams of white pepper, dried ginger 170 g; Formula 6: cinnamon, each 70 grams of kaempferia galanga, clove, cardamom each 120 grams, 600 grams of amomum; Wait formula 7: aniseed 52 g, 7 g cassia, kaempferia galanga 10 g, white pepper, 3 g, 4 g, amomum 17 g dried ginger, licorice 7 g; Wait formula 8:20 Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, 20 dill 10, 10, cinnamon clove 8 g. Spices: 1, according to the required dosage weighing prepared materials; 2, respectively, put them in the food machine, anise and prickly ash is more, need to separate broken, other several kinds of ultrafine grinding can be put together 3, with function of grinding machine grinding into fine powder; 4, good grinding each material sieving; 5, screen out the coarse with food machine grinding it again, and again sieving; Six, the last at the end of the rest of the coarse filtration is no longer added, but also need not throw, can be used to cook or spiced tea marinated meat, etc. Price of spices manufacturers bring information, you have learned? You want to learn more knowledge, can focus on our official website!
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