Dried chilli wholesale, large pepper unpleasant general demand for this article

by:Hetian     2020-10-03
Xian xian, jinxiang, dried chilli Wu Cheng region price relatively stable region market, shopping mall has been maintaining a few business, because the local source quality deviation, mall merchants first pick good acquisition, the owner more accompanying shipment, prices remain stable. At present three cherry pepper and a new generation of gradeless and uniformly priced goods on offer. 00 yuan/jins, gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 8. About 50 yuan/kg. Price range, jinxiang region dried chilli today is still weak, hair mall merchants and factory purchase is not active, pick interacting, acquisitions, part of the ship owner's volunteer to add, there is a certain degree of clinch a deal valence phenomenon. Three cherry pepper gradeless and uniformly priced goods prices in September. 50 yuan/jins, tianyu to offer 9. 70 - 9. 80 yuan/kg. Chambers Wu Cheng region dried chilli prices leveled off, add pepper the shipper the shipment volunteer, but customers demand, volume did not significantly enlarged. At present three cherry gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 9 on pepper. 50 - 9. A cut 80 yuan/jin, gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 9. 20 - 9. 40 yuan/kg. Zhecheng jingxin diamond, linying, zunyi region dried chilli prices zhecheng jingxin diamond region today business situation is good, customers buy three cherry pepper active, good boutique goods clinch a deal in 10. 10 yuan/jins, 9. 40 - 9. 50 yuan/jin source business accounts for more big chili, shipment demand in general, the overall volume is still small. Linying maintain stable region market, trading volume in 200 tons, mall merchants and processing plant acquisition activity in general, is still as needed a few purchase, business is flourishing. Three cherry pepper general supply of goods offer 9. 70 - 10. 20 yuan/kg, bullet good offer 10. 60 - 10. 70 yuan/kg. Zunyi region shrimp mall converged on business, trading is not prosperous, weak in the market. They supply is not much, but affected by the infectious northern region dried chillies, bidders at the local and cargo are cutting and the overall supply, the more the price is weak. At present all over the sky star boutique 11 quotation. About 80 yuan/jin, bell pepper good quotation is 13. Around 30 yuan/kg. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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