Dried chilli wholesale: business situation is good, dry red pepper prices remained stable

by:Hetian     2020-10-03
All dry chili wholesale market buying and selling less of xian region, insipid. Scattered with merchants foreign shipment, prices remain relatively stable. Now three cherry pepper and a new generation of gradeless and uniformly priced goods on offer. 00 yuan/jins, gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 8. About 50 yuan/kg. Jinxiang region held steady pimentos, daily turnover low. The owner of the ship volunteer to add, for sale, supply of goods increase, accompanying the owner still chosen to sell goods, did not see the phenomenon of competitive prices. Now three cherry pepper products prices in 10. 00 - 10. 30 yuan/jin, gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 9. About 50 yuan/kg. Wu Cheng region market is still weak, the rolls pepper maintain a small business, traders on the order of merit source has demand, faulty goods volume is relatively a bit more. Now a new generation of good offer 10. 00 yuan/jins, three cherry pepper good offer 9. 80 - 10. 20 yuan/kg. Zhecheng jingxin diamond production areas within the mall today on volume in more than 100 tons, the business situation is good, buyers get goods relatively active, pimentos prices remain stable. Local business still is given priority to with outside the library bell pepper, capsicum frutescens var accounts for more, the demand of large pepper fell. Now three cherry pepper products offer 10 libraries. 10 yuan/jins, gradeless and uniformly priced goods on offer. 40 - 9. 50 yuan/kg. Linying region of relatively stable market, owner of the goods in cold storage more direct shipment, customers demand is not prosperous, store the overall volume of 200 tons a day, pimentos prices moved is not big. Three cherry pepper good offer 10. 30 yuan/jins, gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 9. 70 - 10. 20 yuan/kg. Zunyi region in the buying and selling cold season, very few stores within the business, dried chilli prices steady growth in the weak trend. All over the sky star gradeless and uniformly priced goods on offer. 50 yuan/jins, bullet head gradeless and uniformly priced goods offer 10. About 50 yuan/kg. Now still busy pepper seedlings transplanting engraftment of phase region, increase or decrease in each type large difference between two kinds of conditions. Perfume factory, cheap beauty spices dried chilli supplier factory, as the earliest shandong region into the lines of a batch of spicy, has now developed into the shandong local large dried chilli, one supplier company into fresh hot pepper industry in the 90 s, after the transformation focused on dried chilli wholesale supply, from 2010 to 2017, the company is developing its own base for chili and cooperation, the dried chilli supply can reach 1 million tons, nationally, supply ability is second to none. And spices in shandong factory is specialized in the production of planting, processing and marketing integration, suppliers. On the origin of direct selling, the price has been a favorable times. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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