Dried chilli small encyclopedia 丨 market common spiciness hierarchies hot pepper sauce

by:Hetian     2020-10-09
Chili sauce with five degree level in Hong Kong most of the restaurant, the food which is can have up to 12 level, any picky eater to be able to find what you want 'hot'. In the new national standard (hot pepper sauce, Draft) , hot pepper sauce with five degree level: light spicy ( 3 ~ 8 degrees) , spicy ( 8 to 17 degrees) , in the hot ( 17 ~ 30 degrees) And spicy, 30 ~ 50 degrees) And very hot ( 50 degrees or higher) 。 The expert points out, the tongue and mouth feel extremely mild stimulation, it is the light; Spicy is characterized by after eating the tongue, oral can feel a little bit of stimulate burning; If the tongue, appear in the mouth to stimulate the burning sensation, and some people have a runny nose, the phenomenon of tears, this is hot; For a hot, most people will appear a runny nose and tears, only a handful of people can eat the spiciness. Market common chili sauce spiciness hierarchies as consumers will buy is not suitable for their taste pepper sauce? Spice plants with common chili sauce on the market to give you clear choice, after tests found that the tide tiger nations highest degree, 143 degrees, it is very hot ( 50 degrees or higher) Nearly three times the minimum limit, can't eat too spicy consumers may be spicy sausage mouth. Promos spiciness to 43 degrees, belong to heavy spicy level, but with the tide of tiger nations differ by 100 degrees. However, as the south chili sauce, performance is quite good. Hin and, JiXiang the spiciness 22, 20 degrees, respectively, belong to the spicy level; Consumers are familiar with the old dopted mother smile, the incense altar altar, hutch, hutch, lee kum kee spiciness bond between 10 to 16 degrees, belongs to a light spicy; Phoenix ball marks, Haitian and rice ye is spicy. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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