Dried chilli purchase necessary sense 丨 dried chillies, 6 kinds of commonly used in big PK

by:Hetian     2020-08-30
Commonly used concise skyhawk pepper dried chilli traits: spiciness fragrance is moderate, largest output in hebei, henan, lowest price, the most universal and mainstream. Bullet: skin smooth, like a bullet. Is everything the mainstream, but more expensive than skyhawk pepper. Ghost pepper: India was tiny and hot, the highest degree. Very wrinkled skin. What general abnormal hot is to use this. Ground into a powder which added to the hot pot. Capsicum frutescens sings the full, but the color slants shallow, spicier. Bell pepper: rich, high degree of recognition as a small lantern. Dry powder, chili oil, fry pan, chongqing is more small. But there is no second thorns and spicy taste. But wins in good-looking, deep-fried dishes in again, the fragrance and the color. The thorns, thick, long, thick flesh, dark color, special flavor and good color, soft spiciness and point back to the sweet. Broke do dry dishes, play special thin cayenne pepper Fried chilli oil, coloring increase incense. Commonly used dry pepper quality big PK spiciness: ghost pepper & gt; Capsicum frutescens & gt; The bullet = skyhawk pepper & gt; Bell pepper = 2 thorns fragrance: 2 thorns & gt; Bell pepper & gt; The bullet & gt; Skyhawk pepper & gt; Capsicum frutescens & gt; Ghost pepper color: two thorns & gt; Bell pepper & gt; The bullet & gt; Skyhawk pepper & gt; Ghost hot & gt;> Capsicum frutescens appearance recognition: bell pepper & gt; The thorns & gt; Capsicum frutescens & gt; The bullet & gt; Ghost pepper & gt; Skyhawk pepper spice factory in shandong, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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