Dried chilli prices trend will continue for how long?

by:Hetian     2020-10-03
Since march, dried chilli on the market price 'boom' since the beginning of this march, dried chilli on the market price again the 'surge'. Short 10 days, the price is from 8 yuan/jins rise to 11 yuan/kg. Dried chilli, for some not spicy huan friends is not a good thing. However, for farmers and dealers, is in the good opportunity. How proud 'hot' situation? Dried chilli dried chilli prices future price analysis, principal and libraries also dry pepper yield less relevant. In autumn 2018, origin of dried chilli inventory is about 30% less than last year, it also makes the outside the library at present stage dry pepper left few, natural causing prices to rise. Dried chilli since listing period until now, has been in a stage. From the very beginning June. 8 yuan/kg, to now already 11 yuan/kg. Some wholesalers, because think the price is high, so there is no enough cargo to cope with today's market, so now the origin of the shipment is less, their shipment is even less. Because of the price hike in dried chilli, origin of pepper farmers also rised the psychological, this makes the dry chili rise more rapidly. Now dried chilli origin of prices rising too fast, a day 0. 5 yuan/jins rise continuously, terminal market to sell the goods prices to keep up with origin, is the sales price has not overtake the cost price. Need time, let the terminal market sales prices keep up with the origin of selling goods. Late as a result, dried chilli market conditions can change, also look at the terminal market can accept high price of origin. But in the short term, dried chilli prices should situation will continue. On the whole, the price of dried chilli will keep steady for a period of rise of a trend. The next JiGan pepper mainly look at the weather this year, however, dried chilli begin business this year the price must be higher than the same period last year, may differ not quite, because this year grew more dry red pepper should be slightly more than last year. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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