Dried chilli import customs clearance process comprehensive explanation, the get formal import points

by:Hetian     2020-10-05
Dried chilli import customs clearance process 1, the goods by sea drift, dealt with the consignee or consignor for the record, the Chinese label and foreign documents ( Prepare foreign documents in advance, if there is a problem can modify in time; Work must be in advance, otherwise it will produce a lot of cases of demurrage, dock fee) ; 2, after the goods to the port, in exchange for the bill of lading ( D) ; 3, inspection, Inspection process need to review Chinese label is in line with the provisions of the state, and for the record labels) ; 4, customs declaration, The customs electronic document examination, artificial appraisal document examination, the customs, tax, inspection, release) ; 5, release. Dried chilli import customs clearance to pay special attention to some dried chilli belong to category of agricultural products, import process is relatively complex, need to possess the relevant qualification and complete documents at home and abroad. Foreign need to prepare a good data among them has: the four basic documents packing list, contract, invoice, bill of lading, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin ( Cutting tariffs) , land transport ( If it is a landlocked country needs to be provided) , unprocessed ( If it is a landlocked country needs to be provided) And so on. Need to prepare a good data in China are: import and export rights, customs registration, registration, Best is dealt with in advance) , a foreign trade operator for the record registration, the importer for the record, etc. Import dry chili is important to note: agricultural products importers and exporters for the record need to be dealt with in advance; To send all the documents must be pre-qualification, confirms to send again, in order to avoid later trouble. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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