Dried chilli common hot pepper varieties and producing area of the encyclopedia

by:Hetian     2020-10-06
The large area planting dried chilli provinces about meal diet material, chili can be said to be known. As a kind of good seasoning and food, chili is widely applied to our country's local cuisines, and even in some places is not spicy. The pepper in all parts of our country has a large area of cultivation, such as sichuan and yunnan, guizhou, shandong, and to be planted around the pepper varieties are also different. Common, 1, millet chili pepper varieties and producing area main producing area of shandong province and yunnan, more as fierce hot peppers, which is about 120000 SHU. The main characteristic of millet pepper is spicy aroma, spicy prominent, very suitable for cold, also it is cooked food and hot pot, a necessary material. 2, the bullet: a kind of capsicum frutescens var, mainly distributed in henan and hebei and other regions, belong to the universal hot pepper, stir-fry almost can lose a few. Another bullet spiciness relatively moderate, belongs to the pepper aroma type, suitable for cooking, can extract food smell. 3, all over the sky star: originating in guizhou zunyi, its main characteristic is small, the color red but spicy dry. Especially the spicy all over the sky star is mellow, based on the features of hot super sweet are popular with the catering industry. 4, screw pepper: for shandong people are very familiar with, screw pepper is actually a hybrid pepper. Its color is more pale green or dark green, slender shape, folds and bending, taste is crunchy, very suitable for planting in northwest of shandong, and shandong. 5, 2 thorns, mentioned shandong screw pepper, it must carry the thorns in sichuan. The thorns spicy, is indispensable to authentic sichuan food used as a condiment pepper. Two thorns spicy, less seed, bright color, fragrant, mainly produced in guizhou province and xinjiang, etc. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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