Cooked food is special dry spice plants of wild wild pepper quality product

by:Hetian     2020-09-18
Dried chilli is indispensable in the cooked food processing seasonings, blindly in homely, spicy, spicy, and many other cooked food taste type, are indispensable seasoning. The good and bad are intermingled, but currently on the market dried chillies, how to choose suitable for their own products to the quality and dry hot pepper? Spices KuangGuiBin Sir, general manager of the factory by our invitation, tell everybody about how to choose and buy dried chilli. Said, the choose and buy is the basis of the three, one is the color, in the market when choosing dried chilli, normal dry pepper color would be a bit dark, because it contains pigment plant, storage for a long time, the color will change, if the color is very bright is bright, must buy cautiously. Two harvested off road, under the condition of the skin is not broken, can smell, dry chili have chili inherent fragrance, if smelled a smell of others or pungent smell, for the defective goods, or the use of sulfur smoked. 3 it is to need to touch, the finest dried chilli into dry, or at least nine of the above, there will be no return, the phenomenon of soft, there will be no more on the surface of worm. Market dry hot pepper variety, shape, taste, which each are not identical, cooked food enterprises should choose according to their own product positioning suitable dry hot pepper varieties, the following several kinds of common dry chili can be for reference: thorns pepper: two thorns grown mainly in sichuan, shandong and other places, long shape, rich fragrance, taste sweet, spicy back color red. Degree: color: in good aroma: sweet bullet pepper: bullet chili is a kind of capsicum frutescens var, quality is better, produce with guizhou named because of the shape short like a bullet. The spicy than second thorns, strong fragrance and colour than thorns but two chili. Spiciness: hot color: the aroma: the seven stars pepper szechuan: the seven stars pepper szechuan also is a kind of capsicum frutescens var, shandong, sichuan larger output, main characteristic is mellow, spicy, thin skin than bullet more hot peppers. Spiciness: very hot color: the aroma: capsicum frutescens, capsicum frutescens produced in yunnan, guizhou, in the introduction of several kinds of the most hot peppers, tangy taste, but the scent is not strong. Aroma: in degree: very hot color: shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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