Choosing subscription software to run your membership

by:Hetian     2020-05-22
You need something special in the way of subscription software. It must be totally personalizable and customizable, and you have to be able to apply it to your existing websites. Many membership sites are run using software that can be used only to sell the software provider's products. You've likely seen these online: you make a monthly payment and you can only use a site pre-populated with affiliate products that you get paid for selling - only trouble is that the products also belong to the subscription software vendors. You are working to make them money! You cannot give your site your own domain name, and you can't run your own blogs or sell your own products from it. In other words, you are so restricted that you are no more than a vendor for the other guy's products. That is no good if you want to run your own profitable membership site. On the other hand, subscription software is available that enables you to use as many of your own websites as you want with the package. Some may limit it to 10 or 15 domains, but the point is that they are your own domains. Not somebody else's with your own name - such as or something similar. The next guy has and so on. These are all subdomains of your vendor's domain, and you will never own your own. A good subscription software package will enable you to start off that way if you have to, because you don't have your own domain name yet, but will also enable you to use your own domain name - or even several domains to run several membership sites using the same membership software license. It's not unusual for newcomers to want to try out a membership site package before committing to buying their own domain name, even if it does cost less than $10/year. They can do that, and when they find it works OK for them, they can use the same software to run membership sites from their own domains. Choosing subscription software for your membership sites isn't very difficult if you understand the basics of setting up such sites. Here are some things to look for when seeking membership site software packages: Versatility Your package should be versatile enough to enable you to add your own content and sell your own affiliate products. If your niche is carp fishing, you should be able to write your own carp fishing tips and even show a video of your local carp lake and the type of waters they tend to patrol. You can video yourself setting up a carp rig, or perhaps pre-baiting and explaining how carp seem to like chilli or hot spices in their food. Stuff like that is useful to your members, and you can change it each month while retaining your existing content in archive files for succeeding new a members to use. However, the point is that your subscription software must have the versatility to enable you to add your own content, and not just what is supplied by your vendor month after month. There are many membership sites online that are prepopulated with internet marketing content, and that's all you are able to promote - what is provided for you. Avoid these at all costs, unless they also enable you to add your own content. Functionality Your subscription software should be functional enough to allow you to run your own blog and any other method of communicating with your members. You should be able to use your own support software if you want to, and also charge what you want for your monthly membership fee. Your software should have sufficient functionality to integrate with your existing websites, and while you can't expect it to be used with unlimited domains, you will find that some can be. Price Price may be important, but should be a relatively minor problem if you have a good membership. Even $97 monthly is very low for subscription software that enables you to run unlimited domains and charge what you want for your own membership: you will make that monthly payment with your first 2-3 members and the wipe the floor with your competition that opted for a cheaper package. You get what you pay for with subscription software, so decide what you want, how many membership sites you may want to run using it, and then go ahead. At least with a monthly subscription package you can cancel at any time if it doesn't work for you - and you can expect more from a higher priced monthly membership than from a low-priced single payment software package. Keep in mind that you get paid monthly by every single member!
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