Chinese prickly ash - - You don't know the four purposes

by:Hetian     2020-08-24
Chinese prickly ash, we all know that Chinese prickly ash can often be used when cook, Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers today to share the role of the four people may not know much about, learn together! 1, check with toothache liquor bubble prickly ash to gargle, for gingivitis toothache has good relief. About 10 grams of Chinese prickly ash, pour 1/2 cup of boiling water, cover bubble in 5 minutes, then stir in one or two white wine, cover again, after its cooling and filter out the Chinese prickly ash, a sip in his mouth, like usual gargle, down, just for a while. So more than 10 minutes, can relieve toothache. 2, cure hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, general syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine for intestinal wind hot, should been used, cooling blood detoxification. Chinese prickly ash temperature in pain relief, flooding of wet cooling effect, so can promote the recovery. Take Chinese prickly ash 100 grams, 2000 ml water, soak about half an hour, use high heat to boiling water first, and then continue to cook for 15 ~ 20 minutes. Then use heat fumigation of Chinese prickly ash liquid, liquid form to a more than 40 degrees for sitz bath treatment, when 1 ~ 2 times a day. 3, reduce the mouse hand 'mouse hand', not only will appear not flexible wrist joint swelling, finger movements, try to use Chinese prickly ash blisters. After proper Chinese prickly ash, water decoction, cool to hand can withstand the temperature, soaking scrub. Chinese prickly ash to releasing cold warm, containing volatile oil also has the effect of topical anesthesia and pain, the pain caused by the 'mouse hand' has certain relief. 4, live blood, promote sleep with prickly ash than blisters feet with hot bubble foot better promote sleep. Method actually very simple, use a cotton cloth bag 50 grams of Chinese prickly ash, with rope tightened, the bubble foot can be used after adding water to a boil. Chinese prickly ash packages can be repeated use, change again in a week or so new. Chinese medicine point of view, Chinese prickly ash can be pain, clearing damp cold temperature. With Chinese prickly ash blisters feet and with angelica, safflower bubble foot have different effect, can invigorate the circulation of t2dm. Can also prompt the blood to go by, so also easy smooth blood pressure. Chinese prickly ash said wholesale manufacturer for the above four conditions if make good use of Chinese prickly ash, will a lot of medicine money left over for you, like friend hurriedly away!
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