Chinese prickly ash wholesale: grounded processing method

by:Hetian     2020-08-23
Chinese prickly ash wholesale: traditional Chinese prickly ash dried prickly ash dried method is concentrated air or with a cool and dry place order, the time required is longer, usually 6 - Ten days, and during this period if there are any problem such as wet weather is prone to mildew. Now more artificial baking method, available soil drying room or drying machine dried. Artificial roasted pepper good color, can very good save the prickly ash all kinds of flavor substances. Specific method is: Chinese prickly ash after the harvest, first concentrated air basks in half a day to day, then pretend to bake sieve into the dryer baking, 3 - screen thickness 4 cm. At the beginning of the baking chamber temperature 50 - control 60℃,2- 2. 5 hours after heating up to about 80 ℃, bake in oven for 8 - again Ten hours, Chinese prickly ash water content less than 10%. In the baking process should pay attention to the platoon is wet and double screen. Start baking, every 1 hour platoon is wet and screen at a time, with the reduction of Chinese prickly ash water content after the platoon is wet and screen time interval may be extended appropriately. Chinese prickly ash after drying, together with the drying screen, screen out the grain and foliage clutter, according to the standard bag is the finished product. After bagging the prickly ash should be stored in a cool, dry place. Chinese prickly ash wholesale: take clean after dried prickly ash grounded processing, into the frying pan, gently making, fire while constantly riling; Or use the fry machine - in 120 6-130 ℃ under making 10 minutes, take out natural cooling to room temperature, use crusher crushing 80 - 100 mesh, according to the quantitative loading plastic compound bag, seal is the Chinese prickly ash products. Chinese prickly ash wholesale: zanthoxylum oil processing general with fresh Chinese prickly ash as raw materials. When processing the first edible vegetable oil into the pot, heat to boil the oil spray powder, stop heating, oil temperature dropped to 120 - 130℃( Thumb or using a thermometer) Pour into Chinese prickly ash ( The proportion of vegetable oil with prickly ash for 1-0. 5) , affix a seal immediately, in order to reduce the volatilization loss of aromatic substances. Centrifuge is in 1600 - after cooling 2000 r/min speed centrifugation to remove impurities such as pomace, bottling is the Chinese prickly ash oil products. Zanthoxylum oil processed with this method, we will strictly control the oil temperature, otherwise, the hemp principle is damaged when the oil temperature is too high, aromatic material volatilizes quickly; The oil temperature is too low and cannot make hemp flavours and aromatic substance sufficient dissolution, this will affect the quality of the product.
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