Chinese prickly ash wholesale: Chinese prickly ash medicinal value

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers mentioned in previous posts often give everybody the edible value of Chinese prickly ash, today, to everyone from the following five aspects to share its medicinal value, quick to learn together! 1, catch cold diarrhea - Chinese prickly ash 6 g, 3 g, nutmeg decoction juice, sooner or later by several times. Daily 1 agent, even with 1 ~ 5 doses, can basically be okay. Chinese prickly ash is pure Yang, dehumidification, cold diarrhea. Nutmeg with temperature in shibuya intestinal, qi xiaoshi, this prescription can warm, dry, wet, antidiarrheal, also suitable for treatment of infantile summer cold dampness, cold diarrhea. 2, cure hemorrhoids - — Chinese prickly ash 100 grams, 2000 ml water, soak about half an hour, use high heat to boiling water first, and then continue to cook for 15 - About 20 minutes. Then use heat fumigation of Chinese prickly ash liquid, liquid form to 40 degrees, sitz bath therapy 1 - every day 2 times. 3, check a toothache - About 10 grams of Chinese prickly ash, pour 1/2 cup of boiling water, cover bubble in 5 minutes, then stir in one or two white wine, cover again, after its cooling and filter out the Chinese prickly ash, a sip in his mouth, like usual gargle, down, just for a while. So more than 10 minutes, can relieve toothache. 4, cold cough - - By 1 pear, only stamp in the top five holes, hole plug prickly ash 1 capsule. Water stewed, cools remove prickly ash, eat pear juice drink, have the effect very much. Attention should be paid to the introduction mainly for cold cough, fever cough do not apply. 5, active blood, promote sleep - Use a cotton cloth bag 50 grams of Chinese prickly ash, use rope tightened, the bubble foot can be used after adding water to a boil. Chinese prickly ash packages can be repeated use, change again in a week or so new. In view of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese prickly ash can be pain, clearing damp cold temperature. With Chinese prickly ash blisters feet and with angelica, safflower bubble foot have different effect, can invigorate the circulation of t2dm, make whole body blood flow. Can also prompt the blood to go by, so also easy smooth blood pressure. Clinical found that kids love cough, high blood pressure in the elderly, insist to soak the foot has certain benefits. In addition, Chinese prickly ash is a kind of natural disinfectant, treatment with Chinese prickly ash blisters feet can also help beriberi. Above is the Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers bring information, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to our official website.
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