Chinese prickly ash pears boil water effectively relieve a cough

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Chinese prickly ash wholesale: now it has become cold, slightly do not pay attention to catch a cold, and generally ask me is cough, today, to share a small tips can effectively relieve a cough. 1, and the choice of light yellow skin slippery snow pear, wash. 2, 1/5 cut off as the lid, hollowed pear heart, cover fitted with prickly ash and rock sugar, with a toothpick. 3, Chinese prickly ash, choose colorful Chinese prickly ash 4, rock candy, had better choose broken rock sugar, grain size and try to control, after all the pear small space in the middle of the disease. So I just choose some broken momo. 5, Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturer said to fixed good whole pear, in a small bowl, into the steamer. The fire to boil, a simmer for 20 minutes. 6, steamed pear is very soft, take a small bowl to eat is also very convenient. Chinese prickly ash WenXin sexual flavour, can releasing cold warm, enhance immunity, this party is applicable to cold cough, for young and old, eat the Chinese prickly ash to pick out oh, other all can eat.
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