Chinese prickly ash in the courtyard planting methods

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Grandma when I was a kid yard kind of in a corner of the yard, a coffee and a loranthus sp, that time is very small, the coffee beans cooked when we don't know how to put them off, put out to doug, plans to let grandma boil and finally into a successful I didn't to forget, compared to the tough Chinese prickly ash handling beans processing is simpler, we passed by picking one at a time with his mouth, the taste is really fresh. Chinese prickly ash below wholesale manufacturers tell everybody the loranthus sp method of planting in the home. A, planting zanthoxylum bungeanum planting points two kinds, one kind is with Chinese prickly ash seed to grow, another is cutting. Seeds are planted: 1, to use alkaline soak before planting, because Chinese prickly ash seed outside have a thick layer of fat, if you don't late to remove the grease will affect the germination. 2, in an alkaline skin grease can be removed, remove oil and grease will grow again after germination faster. 3, with Chinese prickly ash seed planted to grow more in a flower pot, sprout again after a period of time such as transplanting to another flowerpot, best is planting a tree a flower pot, if grow too much will be very crowded affect the growth of late. Cuttings grow: 1, cut off from the other loranthus sp in the spring about 15 centimeters long grow new shoots. 2, takes root in dilute good first after soaking in water cut excess leaf can grow into the flower pot, generally 2 weeks later can take root. 2, 1, water management loranthus sp drought resistance is higher, water more at ordinary times need not, in the soil after drying, pouring a permeable can avoid frequent watering, easy to cause the roots of the loranthus sp because too much water and decay. 2, fertilization loranthus sp need not frequent fertilizing, especially their cultivation, can germinate in the spring loranthus sp, fruit, and before winter fertilization time, you can use the farmyard manure can also use the compound fertilizer. 3, pruning their cultivation loranthus sp clip is simple, as long as loranthus sp mong long branches, grow too close branches cut off, increasing the ventilation pervious to light conditions inside the crown of a tree, is advantageous to the Chinese prickly ash fruit coloring. You if there is one yard, can try a loranthus sp, so it will be fun and convenient.
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