China's dry red pepper spiciness ranking, which is the most spicy chilli?

by:Hetian     2020-09-04
China's dry red pepper spiciness TOP5 - Top 10 top 10, the purple beauty bell pepper ( The degree level 0 SHU) Purple beauty bell pepper belongs to the category of sweet pepper, ripe fruit dark purple, quality of a material is mild and sweet, like fruit, was not a bit hot, and very high yield. TOP9, banana pepper ( The degree level 0 500蜀) The banana pepper is named for its color and appearance of shaped like a banana, sweet taste. Too mature banana pepper, however, it is also possible by banana gradually turn into orange or red color, but the more mature pepper instead of the more sweet. TOP8, bell peppers, The degree level 0 1200蜀) Pepper is also called the color pepper, native to Mexico and the United States, south and central passed to our country, at present our country has become the world's largest producer of pepper. But just as its name, nature of bell pepper spiciness. TOP7, line pepper ( The degree level 15000 SHU) Line is referred to as line pepper, hot pepper because long shape is very common in domestic, mainly in shaanxi province and other parts of the Midwest provinces have scale planting. TOP6, heart pepper ( The 28000 - degree level 30000蜀) Heart pepper, shaped like a heart, moderate degree, in the domestic, and the heart of the pepper on the market is much be ground into chili powder. TOP5, yunnan millet pepper ( The 30000 - degree level 50000蜀) Millet pepper, its length shorter than 2 thorns, round shape than two thorns. Though its aroma is very general, but it's hot strength, in the mixed hot pepper, it can enhance heat effect. China's dry red pepper spiciness TOP4 - TOP1TOP4, capsicum frutescens var ( The 50000 - degree level 100000蜀) Capsicum frutescens var and looking up to heaven, is a kind of special spicy chili, smaller than ordinary hot pepper to some, but the degree is ordinary chili several times. In daily life, capsicum frutescens var was deeply loved by xi hot people. TOP3, fujian 'pepper 1 god' ( The degree level 450000 SHU) This is the end of 2010 in fujian province sanming NongKeSuo especially for the hot pepper varieties of the sha county snack produced. But after research and development success, welcomed by the pepper industry generally, and it is also very hot chili peppers. Ranked by, Trinidad scorpion ( The 800000 - degree level 1000000蜀) At the bottom of the pepper is native to the island of Trinidad is shaped like a scorpion's tail, in order to Trinidad scorpion pepper as the difference between ordinary and added CARID suffix. At present in China are also common, is also very hot chili peppers. TOP1, yunnan rinse rinse hot ( Spiciness 1000000 SHU) Is hot rinse rinse yunnan dehong dai and jingpo autonomous prefecture, yunnan province luxi city in the mountains of a pepper, size is not big, peel, mature red, bright color, smell of spicy pubi. As long as the one on top of the water rinse rinse, is understood to be the whole basin of water will become hot, saw to the chemical, don't try to ordinary people. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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