Chili smoke prevention and treatment of nutritional books collection and set aside

by:Hetian     2020-09-20
Chili smoke the onset of disease characteristics and the cause' Symptoms 】 Feed on young bug eat by moth bud, flower, fruit, and eat tender stems, leaves and buds. If you don't control, fruit decay rate was 30%, and the high of 80%. 【 The cause of 】 Smoke general nutritional 4 - a year Five generations. To pupa wintering in soil chamber. Adults like night and dazed, tropism of black light lamp, the willow with tropism. On the hot pepper, egg powder produced in tender tip more positive, produced a few leaves opposite, can also be produced in the place such as bud, fruit stem, branches, and petioles. Night laying eggs, there are two peaks: 8 - 9 and 11 12. Eggs hatch has two peaks, 5 - in the afternoon 7 and 6 - in the morning 9. Early after hatching larvae eat egg shell first, then eat bud or decay pepper leaves, 3 instar larvae started to eat hot pepper fruit decay, larvae have fruit harm behavior. 3 - development period: eggs 11 - four days, the larvae 25 days, 10 - pupa 5 to 17 days, adults 7 days. Method of prevention and cure (1) planting tobacco trap overwintering generation the fecundity. For overwintering adults on tobacco has the strong tendency of, can trap overwintering generation the fecundity, and concentration. (2) winter ploughing out the pupa; Reduce population base in the coming year. (3) artificial remove bug eat by moth, lest the larva turn harm. (4) seize control optimum stage, timely prevention and control of spraying. On June, in the middle of the first generation larvae, l prevention and control of late in the middle of July to August 2nd and 3rd generation larvae: from September to October, according to prevention and control of plant development and in determining the fourth, fifth generation larvae. Use the following agents have good control effect. Can choose neutralising the six killed 000 times diluent or 2. 5% of kung fu oil 5000 times diluent or 2. 5% Uranus was 3000 times 3000 times diluent or 20% kill chrysanthemum ester diluent or 2. 5% decis 4000 ~ 6000 times diluent spray. Spraying shall be carried out before the larval age of 3, otherwise the lower control effect. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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