Chili of grey mould of characteristics and how to prevent and combat spice factory to teach you a recruit

by:Hetian     2020-09-11
Dry hot pepper industry knowledge science amid local pepper fruit and listed stage, at this stage, the need to pay attention to the occurrence of grey mould of chili, to pepper the kinds of features and method of prevention and cure of the disease, spice factory resolved one by one to you: symptoms: hot peppers grey mould can infect seedlings and plants, seedlings infected cotyledon turn yellow, then young stem constriction, disease of easily broken, the young plants dying. Into plant disease, leaf rot or dry, humidity have large gray mold. Stems infected, were under water shape irregular spot or streak, gradually become a gray or brown, disease spots around the stem, its upper branches wilting die, when its wet on long have mildew, such as blight. Flowers or fruit disease, in water, sometimes densely gray mold disease department layer pathogenesis regularity: germs to sclerotium legacy in the soil, or the hypha, conidium, wintering in the sick body, in the field with the aid of air, rain and farming operations spread to spread. Germs are low temperature, high humidity, low light conditions. PengShi in spring it's too late to apologize, low temperature, high humidity when susceptible. Sufficient sunlight showed inhibitory effect on the spread of the disease. Method of prevention and cure: (1) environmental regulation: protectorate cultivation, ridge cultivation should be adopted, and covering film, in order to improve the ground temperature and lower humidity. PengShi temperature and humidity control job, maintaining high temperature in the morning, make PengShi film inside the dew atomization, prolonged fresh air in the afternoon, to increase air volume, to raise the temperature at night, reduce or avoid condensation on the leaf. At the appropriate water control. (2) clean the pastoral: incidence after timely removal of disease, disease leaves and collateral, burned or buried. (3) control: the early onset of light speed, ling smoke agent or chlorothalonil smoke agent, every 5 ~ 7 days, or alternate setting off 3 ~ 4 times in a row. Also can be sprayed with 50% profit wettable powder 500 times liquid, and spirit (or 50% speed Pythium,) 60% wettable powder 1500 times liquid, or grey mould g wettable powder 500 times liquid, or 600 times liquid, 60% carbendazim superfine powder or 3% more oxygen clear water 600 ~ 900 times liquid, or 0. OS - water trane 300 times liquid, 5% or 40% gray mold core net suspending agent 1200 times liquid, or 25% of the mi fresh amine ( Make the best g) Ec 2000 times liquid, or 30%, mildew wettable powder 500 times liquid, or 40% of its mould amine ( Jiale) Suspending agent 1200 times liquid, 50% or different urea ( On the sea for) 00 wettable powder 10 times liquid once every 7 to 10 days, depending on the disease prevention and treatment of 2 ~ 3 times in a row. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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