Chili into China's largest vegetable industry accounts for nearly half of the world

by:Hetian     2020-09-14
Domestic hot pepper industry layout Chinese vegetables circulation association, executive director, 25, said the chilli planting area of more than 20 million acres, accounted for 35% of world pepper cultivation; Chili for nearly three years the average annual output of about 28 million tons, accounting for 46% of world pepper production; Each year more than 70 billion yuan output value of 16 of the total output value of the vegetables. 67%, pepper industry has become the nation's largest vegetable industry. Recently held '2017 China · zunyi press conference of the second international pepper exposition' according to the above information. The conference by the people's government of the benefits, guizhou agriculture committee, Chinese vegetables circulation association hosted the '2017 China zunyi the second international exposition pepper' on August 4 to 6, held in zhunyi in guizhou. Domestic hot pepper market trend according to introducing, from the point of planting area distribution, the country has 28 provinces planting pepper, guizhou, shandong, jiangxi, sichuan, shaanxi, hebei, henan, jilin, and other key 16 pepper production, planting area of more than 1 million mu of the province of guizhou, jiangxi, shandong, hainan, sichuan, hebei, shanxi and hubei and other eight provinces. From the point of the domestic market, fresh chili dominant consumer demand, and with hot pepper production technical level unceasing enhancement, fresh chili consumption proportion of chilli consumption is on the rise. The all-purpose chili and pepper ( Including the bell peppers) At about 13. 5 million mu of cultivated area, accounts for the pepper plant area of 67. 5%. Rapid distribution origin chili professional market, with fragrant flowers, henan, guizhou HaZi Town town, henan zhecheng, yunnan marry according to the town, hebei jize, liaoning, shandong Ma Youying represented in wucheng county can dispose and jilin taonan chili professional wholesale market in the scale and influence. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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