As said earlier, cooking is an art and lucky ones are those

by:Hetian     2020-06-03
To qualify the tests for such programmes, the initiative participants, literally download the whole recipe directory, the directory, where all recipes of the globe, all dishes under the sun are available. An online recipe book is one, where there a free booklet of the same in a magazine for promotion basis, or recipes which can be directly downloaded from the net. There are many who instead of shelling money in the market and buying one they directly download the recipes and the cook books from the internet popularly known as online cooking books from the net, and call them free cook books. The recipe directory more or less also means the same thing, where there are many, who know how to cook, but are bad at presenting, and to rectify that, there are ample of tips that can be put under the sleeve. And downloading tips without expenditure or burning energy under the sun. Some simple tips are as follows: Peeling & Cutting tips: i) First wash the unpeeled vegetables in saline water for some time. ii) Soak potatoes and cauliflower in saline water after cutting to avoid discolouration. iii) To avoid browning of fruits after cutting dash a gyps of lemon. iv) After peeling an onion chop it in half, keep it for 10 minutes to avoid crying. v) Once vegetables are boiled, never drain the water, preserve it for gravy. Cooking tips: i) Always ad hot water to gravy to enhance the taste ii) Always use heavy bottomed vessels to avoid burning iii) While using a ginger garlic paste, always us 3 :1 in ratio since ginger is stronger and gives a pungent smell. iv) While frying, splutter some salt in the hot oil to avoid sticking, through out the frying / cooking v) To make a light and fluffy omelet, heat he pan, then add little more oil or butter then usual and pour the egg patter and stir briskly, even on the pan. This allows the air in the egg, which makes it light and fluffy. vi) To retain colour in the gravy, always use ripe red tomatoes, avoid green ones. vii) Always remember coarse spice powders give good taste to gravies, which has to be sauteed well first, and then mix hot water to it, for tasty gravy.
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