Any further technical information about Hetian?
The technical information about Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. can be found on our "Product Page" or is available by directly consulting with us. The technical information involves the product specifications including size, raw materials, processing techniques utilized in the production process, etc. It provides critical defining information about a product and can include identification of a company. By browsing the technical information, customers can get to know and analyze if the product is compliant to regulatory requirements. What's more, it can inform customers of the risks that the product might pose and any precautions they should take.

Drawing on industry experience, Hetian is the leading brand in the garlic powder field. Hetian's main products include ginger powder series. Hetian cooking spices suppliers is designed with a kind of decoration element by experienced designers in the research and development team, Which makes the product not only have an illuminance capacity but also it serve as decor to the surroundings. This product is good for increasing appetite. The product is of good quality and reliable. The product can be found in all sorts of recipes and baked goods.

We want to be different and distinctive. We are trying not to imitate any other company within or outside of our industry. We are questing for strong research and development capability that can elevate customers' experience. Ask online!
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