Analyses three types of seasoning and function

by:Hetian     2020-08-25
Spices price: we're cooking in order to make the food tastes better, the use of spices is little not, cooking seasoning can be roughly divided into: spicy sauce, seasoning liquid, solid seasoning three, below, we have a way out! Speak spice seasoning: 1, the price of spices manufacturer pepper: can make increase the spicy dishes, dishes and colorful. Chris: used to saute, to cheat. Ginger: to go rancid, deodorant, and improve the food flavor. Garlic: commonly used spices, can match dishes slice or cut up. Pepper, spicy with the scent, can go to cheat and spice. Much milder white pepper, black pepper flavour is heavy. Anise: also called star anise, commonly used to braise in soy sauce and halogen. Deliberate aroma is extremely thick, should be used. Five-spice powder: spices include cinnamon, star anise, pepper, spices like clove, sweet, dried tangerine or orange peel, strong taste, deliberate appropriate use. Chinese prickly ash, also known as sichuan pepper, commonly used to braise in soy sauce and halogen. 2, spices manufacturers price about liquid seasonings: rice wine, add a little wine when cooking fish, meat, can go to smell. Cooking wine, seasoning function mainly to xing, increase incense. Vinegar, vinegar shoulds not be long to cook, to dish up before joining can, lest disperse fragrance. White vinegar boil can make acidity with lighter. Soy sauce: can make dishes flavor, more can increase the colour and lustre of food. Suitable for braise in soy sauce and making braised food. Oyster sauce, oyster sauce itself is very salty, add a little sugar and its salinity. Sesame oil, dish dish up before the drizzle, can increase fragrance. Pickled food, can join with spice. Chili sauce, red pepper ground into a paste, terra-cotta-colored sticky stiff shaped, also called chilli sauce. Can add chili, and increase food color. Taste salty sweet bean sauce: itself. With small fire fry oil too sour to sauce. Also can use water dilute, and add a little sugar to taste, flavor is better. 3, spices manufacturers price about solid seasonings: salt: when cook is the most important flavor materials. Its penetration is strong, suitable for pickled food, but need to pay attention to the curing time and the dosage. Sugar: add a little sugar to braise in soy sauce and keeping, to add flavor dishes and colour and lustre. MSG: can increase the freshness of food. Especially with soup to cook the most suitable. Flour: is divided into three kinds of high, medium and low muscles. When making the batter for high-gluten flour in the area. Baking soda: with a moderate amount of baking soda pickled meat, can make the meat more tender. The above is the price of spices manufacturer to bring the introduction of three types of sauces, hope can help to better understand you, for more information, you can pay attention to our website!
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