Actually very simple from pepper grains to pepper

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Pepper manufacturer: how to share with you today the pepper grains processed into pepper, here, we learn together! 1, the first single pepper grain impurity and not clean is not good to take away, because we buy pepper grains are generally not dried, the crush back directly, if it is a fresh pepper, back to peeling, drying, and then break up. 2, some people like to put in pepper grains before cracking pan fry, also can, of course, but not before strong Fried after taste. So according to personal taste. 3, the home has a grinding machine is well done, choose good pepper grain in the grinding machine, grinding. Grinding out when needed good pepper grains in a sealed jar. 4, no grinding machine also need not worry, there is a good way to grinding. Put pepper grains in the self-styled bag, of course, the thickness of the valve bag should choose thicker, otherwise it is broken. After sealed mouth with a rolling pin roll, a moment is crushed into powder. 5, after the first roll with a small sieve sieve it, took a bigger screen to add the self-styled bag rolling pressure again. In an airtight jar with slowly. This way, won't make pepper grains run everywhere is clean and sanitary. Above is the manufacturer of pepper to bring information to share, learn more knowledge, can focus on our official website!
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