A small Chinese prickly ash can treatment of hemorrhoids

by:Hetian     2020-08-25
Chinese prickly ash wholesale: hemorrhoids is now more common in people life, a lot of people are haunted by the hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids made great influence to patients health. Many hemorrhoids patients after treatment, the symptoms always will attack. Many of the high risk patients feel hemorrhoids is more privacy, and don't want to go to hospital for treatment, so, today, to share a folk prescription! Pricklyash peel is our daily life small meal big feast is one of the most common spices, seeds black fragrance, can squeeze into eat chili oil, used to make soap. But many people may not know it is also, for the treatment of hemorrhoids treatment effect is good, not only their operation is easy. Treatment in Chinese prickly ash 100 grams, 2000 ml water, for about half an hour in the container, use high heat to boiling water first, and then continue to cook for 15 - About 20 minutes. Patients must clean affected area first, use of Chinese prickly ash hot steam fumigation of liquid medicine, herb tea to stay to more than 40 degrees can sit bath therapy, 1 - every day 2 times, convenient and feasible, the effect is good. Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers said that Chinese prickly ash can expand crissum blood vessels, antibacterial, with local anesthesia analgesic effect, can promote the blood circulation of the affected area, eliminate inflammation, relieve the pain of patients, for Ⅰ ~ Ⅲ period of hemorrhoids, thrombus sex external piles, inflammatory pain part external hemorrhoid and mixed hemorrhoid surgery patient has a better therapeutic effect. It is important to note that patients should pay attention to light diet during the treatment, fasting, acrid, smoking, alcohol keep feel better. Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers bring information, hope can help you, learn more knowledge, can focus on our official website!
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