A hot pepper tree, farmers produce 40000 jin per mu, tens of thousands of income

by:Hetian     2020-09-24
40000 jin per mu pepper tree high economic benefit in the heart of a lot of friends, chili is the annual plants, but also about half a meter high. But the farmer eldest brother grow chili is hot pepper tree, the highest can grow 5 meters high, and is a perennial, a cultivation can be implemented for many years. Pepper trees can grow to be a 3 - commonly 5 meters high, almost all the year round can pick, 40000 jin per mu, high economic benefit. Is a farmer and a new way to get rich! Tree, high-yield foreign chili pepper varieties chili pepper tree, also known as commodity, a high yield and high resistance hot pepper varieties: plant height 2 - 5 meters, continuous fruit strong sex; First year of planting pepper in more than 100 each, the appearance is light green rich luster. Pepper 30 cm long, diameter 4 cm; Single pepper 150 - 200g。 Good commercial,, spicy, thick, thin skin taste brittle. Commodities pepper resistance to hide. The varieties of disease resistance, cold resistance is good. Pepper ability outstanding low temperature under the condition of continuous, the winter planting greenhouses in northern winter night temperature can be 3 to 5 degrees security; Temperature of 12 degrees can be normal and pepper. Pepper shape is big, high, due to the growing like a tree, so called 'pepper tree'. In addition, the varieties of plant diseases and insect pests is less, wide adaptability, the soil has no choice. Simple cultivation management, planting a year, can grow 2 - continuously 3 years ( Have protection) 。 1 year than 1 year high, the cultivated area yield is up to 10000 kg, economic benefit per acre in 3 - 50000 yuan. Such 'pepper tree' is by itself the characteristics of high yield and a reasonable density ( 1800 - an acre of land 2000 plants) , so as to achieve the aim of high yield, at the same time, adopt the method of production from renewable perennial cultivation. The variety and cultivation method is the most NongYou are acceptable. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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